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Asia Peacebuilding Initiatives (APBI)

Constructing a better tomorrow. This best expresses the hope and expectation for the information website project, Asia Peacebuilding Initiatives (APBI). Tomorrow means people’s lives, hopes, dignity, and opportunities. One might say that it is “peace” in the truest sense. It is, thus, an honor that the Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP) has been delegated the task from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation to launch the APBI website that provides analyses, background briefs, and commentaries by specialists (Japanese and regional) on on-going conflicts in Asia, with initial focus on three areas: Myanmar, Southern Philippines and Southern Thailand.
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Open Asia

The idea for OpenAsia was conceived after an international workshop on “Rethinking Theory and Practice of International Relations in East Asia” organized by OSIPP on 5-6 March 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a gathering of a group of Asian scholars from South Korea to India to open an international discourse that critically reappraises (Western) international relations theory as it is applied or misapplied to explain or understand East Asian international politics.

OpenAsia has been launched to supplement this intellectual exercise that began in Bangkok in the hope that it becomes open forum for publishing intelligent and thoughtful short essays, op-eds, and even satirical pieces and cartoons on topics that address anything to do with Asia.
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The idea for this career fair emerged as part of the Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), Osaka University’s student exchange program under the aegis of “Reinventing Japan” to strengthen Japan’s international student exchange activities that foster better relations between Asian countries). At the time, there was a need for Japanese universities to provide better exit strategies for overseas students studying in Japan or travelled to Japan as exchange students, and OSIPP sought to connect to the need of Japanese companies to recruit more internationally-minded talents in order to ensure successful adjustment to an increasingly globalized operating environment and to sustain their global competitiveness.

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Asia Peacebuilding Initiatives

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Open Asia